How to ship your CBD product in Cardboard boxes?

An introduction to CBD – CDB is found in marijuana and hemp plants. CBD has many health benefits and is not psychoactive. 

CBD can help to treat anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and many other ailments. CBD products are becoming very famous. Just like any other product, CBD products also require custom printed boxes wholesale for storage and shipment. The quality of CBD products (vamping oil tinctures, capsules) is determined by the boxes they are packed in. Consumers perceive attractive and durable boxes contain high-value products. 

The custom made cardboard CBD boxes not only protect the products but also sell the products faster as they lure the customers.

 Custom CBD boxes: 

CDB products are available in solid, liquid, and powder form. Different containers like oval, circle, square, etc. are used to pack the CBD products. Shipping distance, fragility, and nature of CBD products define the nature of cardboard to be used for packaging.

Cardboard boxes are very suitable as they can protect CBD products against any damage in transit and storage rooms or warehouses.

Importance of cardboard CBD boxes:

  • One of the most primary benefits of CBD boxes is that it stores and keeps the products safe.
  • Custom CBD boxes offer a great deal for customization of boxes
  • Custom CBD boxes work as a silent salesman and convince the customer about the quality of the product
  • Assist customers by providing them product-related information.

Choose the right material. Self-design the box or you can hire a professional to custom design your box. Gather all the relevant information to be printed on the box and place order to get your boxes as soon as possible. CBD boxes can be printed with:

  • Die-Cutting
  • Tuck End
  • UV Coating
  • Debussing
  • Raised Ink
  • Embossing
  • Glossy/Matte Lamination

How to pack and ship CBD in cardboard boxes:

Choose quality: Before starting to pack the items make sure he box size and quality is 100% appropriate for storing the CBD products.

The packaging box should be rigid and in good condition to hold the products as low-quality boxes can lose their shape and strength which can result in damage to the shipment. Add insertions before adding more than one product to avoid collision between products. Use bubble wrap or outer cushioning material to make sure extra protection is given to very fragile items

  • Avoid space: 

Make sure the box you have ordered for your CBD products is big enough to store the products. Items placed in the box either tightly to loosely is likely to get damaged.

Tips for efficient and effective packaging:

  • Pack the best box for your product. Instead of relying on low-quality boxes due to their cheap price choose a box that is durable and safe for products
  • Don’t try to fit large items into small boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes lose strength with time, therefore, check the box and don’t overload any box as it can rip open the box
  • Wrap item properly and cushion them when needed
  • Before closing the box make sure all movements of products are restricted
  • Seal the box well and label it correctly.
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