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5 Best Car Insurance Companies

No matter what type of vehicle you drive or where you are going, it is essential that you have auto insurance coverage from one of the best car insurance companies, and not just because it is the law in 48 of the 50 states. An auto insurance policy protects you in the event of property damage or bodily injury liability if you have an accident. There are also policies that cover damage to your own vehicle for a variety of reasons, incidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers, and medical expenses incurred due to accidents. Some auto insurers even include roadside assistance in their coverage.

Those costs can add up for an uninsured motorist, or even one with insufficient insurance. Having comprehensive coverage can help keep the out-of-pocket costs associated with auto insurance premiums under control. Please note that an insurance policy generally does not cover wear and tear on a vehicle, damage caused by drivers not listed on the insurance policy or driving under the influence, and engine damage resulting from an oil leak.

Sorting through auto insurance companies and offers can be intimidating. There are an estimated 300 auto insurance providers in the US. USA, ranging from those that operate nationwide to smaller companies. It’s worth checking to see if you have well-reviewed state options in your area before committing to an insurance company nationwide.

“Once you have a clear idea of ​​how you use your car and your priorities, you will be ready to buy insurance,” says Janet Ruiz, director of strategic communication at the Insurance Information Institute. “In general, it is a good idea to compare the policies of at least three different insurers. You will need to consider fundamental factors such as coverage and price.”



Geico’s smart commercials ensure they remain one of the country’s best-known auto insurance companies, but their customers know them for the excellent service and support they offer. Its 97% customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself, as does its long list of honors, including the most desired insurer according to the Kanbay Research Institute. You know, in case the gecko isn’t enough to convince you that you want their insurance coverage.

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Allstate was one of the rare auto insurance companies ranked on each of J.D. Power’s regional customer satisfaction lists, and was # 1 in Florida. Allstate prides itself on its scope of coverage and offers a host of discounts that, depending on your circumstances, could make it the most profitable auto insurance policy available to many motorists.


A giant in the insurance world with more than 18 million customers, Progressive manages to attract and retain as many satisfied customers with an ongoing commitment to save its customers money on their auto insurance rates. Progressive was the first auto insurer to offer safe driving discounts, making them a great option for people with a good driving record. Even today, customers who switch to Progressive save an average of $ 699 per year.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto owner insurance may not have the striking marketing presence of the competition, but how many of them can say they have been around almost as long as automobiles? Established in 1916, the company has nearly 3 million policyholders in 26 states. Your high J.D. Power ratings may ask you to check if you have coverage where you live.

Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Ranked the No. 1 auto insurer in California, Esurance quickly ventures across the country (the company operates in 43 states). Esurance, a division of Allstate, promises customers that changing or signing up for auto insurance can be as easy as possible, “painless,” as the company says. and it’s easy to sign up, either online or with the Esurance app.

And by calling all introverts, you probably don’t have to speak directly to an insurance agent to set it up.

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