Essential rules for an effective Instagram marketing

2020 is the year of Instagram. The platform ranks among the top 6 social networks worldwide according to Statists with 1 billion active monthly accounts. Bloggers in various niches have used it to reach thousands of followers and strengthen interactions on their channels and blogs. For the best and valid services related to Instagram and other social media platforms than just take a look at buy instagram followers Australia to get high and responsible services. If you decide to make Instagram one of the main social media marketing channels or just a small platform for generating traffic, learning how to use it will only work to your advantage. I interviewed several bloggers who successfully used Instagram to grow their audiences and asked how they did it. In this post, you will learn about how Instagram has done the work for their marketing efforts.

Build relationships with Instagrammers

Other Instagram users may or may not be your competitors, but you can never go wrong with building relationships – whether they lead to new followers (and blog readers) or partnerships. Sheila Flores recommends that you find accounts that have the same narrow interests and take time to comment on their views. Once you’re happy with the look of your profile, it’s time to start growing [an audience]. My suggestion is to engage: find accounts with the same interests as you, like their photos, comment as many photos as you can. Smaller accounts are more likely to follow you if you show interest in their posts, but it’s also important to comment on larger accounts. This is because these profiles have a lot of views every minute, and if these people see your comment, you will probably get visits from them as well. Signing up and commenting on other people’s posts is the best way to engage and build relationships. Show genuine interest, not just one-word comments. If they are interested in engaging with you, they will come back to you. Be sure to reply to all comments in your photos. Show that you are active and interested in your followers.

Another tip is to ask questions in your post. This way you will encourage people to comment on your pics. And again: stay in your niche. It is important to engage with people who are interested in what you are posting. This will make you get loyal followers who like what you do. Defining your sector would also involve you as a suggestive user to follow up on those Instagrammers who start an account in the same location as yours.

Always respond to people who have commented on your figure. Actively search for people in your niche by browsing relevant hashtags, as well as commenting on their photos. 

I don’t like just one picture.

Visit their profile and like at least three of their photos. Only then will you come out among all the other people who prefer their latest photo.

Comments work better than likes.

I always try to comment on at least one picture. It doesn’t take long, and chances are you’ll get an answer.

Always make your comments.

I thought I was doing very well commenting things like, “Oh, it’s so beautiful!” Or, “Wow, that’s adorable!”. Unfortunately, Instagram is full of bots. These are accounts that use general comments and send them to each photo with a specific hashtag.

Ask questions.

Commenting is generally very valuable, but if you want to connect, ask a question preceded by a compliment, [if possible]. People like it when you show interest in their work and most of them are happy to answer any questions about their post. [Comments] are valuable talk starters.

Use Facebook to promote yourself.

There are Facebook groups that exist to promote your blog / Instagram. Make sure you don’t just remove your connection! Engage with other members. Also, make sure you are active in other groups on your niche. I always post my Instagram photos to groups of files or planners. When I do, always make sure to put my Instagram in the corner of the photo. It keeps people from stealing my work, but it also insists on people’s minds on my niche. If they love your photo, they will visit your Instagram for more.

If you do all this, you will find yourself creating some very good and valuable relationships with other bloggers. This may seem like hard work, but it really shouldn’t take much of your time, and in the end, it’s all worth it.

Brand your images and videos

Because Instagram is a visually oriented platform and you can’t add direct links to your blog content, it’s essential that the images you add to your posts be highly branded to be effective. Using hashtags in Instagram posts is a way for you to find and link, but you will work even better if you interact with other Instagrammers using the same hashtag before posting yours. However, you would like to avoid crowded hashtags, just as you would like to avoid keywords of high competition when optimizing your blog posts for search engines.

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