2000 kVA Diesel Generator That Fits in your Budget

The invention of the generator is the most creative and useful invention in this world. With the help of it, you can reach your power demands even in the power cuts.

The backup 2000 kva diesel generator can generate the desired electricity when the power goes out. You can use the electric device with its help in power outage situations. 

Best 2000 kva Diesel Generator

Cummins 2000 kVA diesel Generator

Cummins Diesel generator is the best Diesel generator available right now in the market as it fits in your budget and fulfils all your requirements.

2000 kva Diesel  Generator comes with 11000 V output with Sudhir Cummings control panel and 50 Hz frequency.

It uses the best quality technology to ensure the best economic uses. Its water cooling system is advanced and helps it to remain cool.

It is the best in the market when it comes to maintenance.

It will cost you 11 lakh only that fits in your budget.

Full specifications of Cummins 2000 kva Diesel generators

  • Power– As mentioned in the title Cummins Diesel generator has power of 2000 kva.
  • Model number– C2250D5
  • Type of Fuel used– Diesel 
  • Control panel type– Cummings
  • Cooling system- water cooling

Remember these point before using 2000 kva diesel generators:

  • Read and understand the manufacturer’s operating supervision before ever operating your diesel generator. It is always the first step to use any device safely.
  • Keep diesel generators away from doors, windows, and vents, generators extract carbon monoxide gas which is a poisonous gas. So as far as possible it should be kept away from homes. Monoxide gas can be very dangerous if you inhale it.
  • Flaming equipment, gasoline, propane, natural gas, or charcoal-burning equipment never use near your diesel generator. As it can catch fire.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)  gas is highly dangerous for our health, Use a carbon monoxide detector device in the area where you are operating the generator.
  • Generators generate powerful voltages current so never work under wet conditions. Its cause of electric short and generator failure. 
  • Never turn on the generator near the irritable material.
  • Always use a heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension board. Heavy duty is preferred because the power output of a 2000 kva generator is very high.
  • Also, a correctly connected generator may be an overloaded situation, resulting in heating or generator failure. You need to read all the guidance of the generator accurately.
  • You need to be sure to power off your generator and leave it to cool before the refuelling process. Petrol spread on hot engine parts may inflame.
  • Never try to connect the generator to the electrical wires by plugging it into the wall.


If you are planning to buy the best 2000 kva Diesel Generator in India then Cummins diesel generator can be a choice. In this blog, I hope this blog is useful for you and it will help you to search for the best quality generator that fits in your budget . Do you want more information related to the 2000 kVA Diesel Generator ? You can contact our EO Energy team and find your solution.

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