Diwali, as we all know, is the festival of light but along with that it is also a festival which is five days long. The Diwali in India is observed around the darkest night of autumn or fall which is in the month of October or November. If you know someone who couldn’t come to the home to their loved ones for them you can always send flowers to Mumbai.

Since it is the darkest night people prefer to light diyas, lamps, earthen lamps and electric lights. Some people also light candles. Diwali is one way to symbolize that the darkness has no power over us and this is why we the diyas and candles are lit so make it go away. People wear new clothes and some donate as well. this is the perfect way to celebrate the festival but let’s talk about it in detail:


The festival begins with the dhanteras and on this day the diyas and lamps are lit and this festival is celebrated mostly by the north and the west India where the major belief is that the goddess Lakshmi will bless them with wealth and prosperity, it is also said that the goddess Lakshmi likes to clean places. So, the whole house is cleaned and the renovation is done, it is also believed that buying of silver and gold on this day will also bless you with prosperity and if not then you can also go for any household item. 


This day is famous all over Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and many more places. This day is also known as chhoti Diwali and on this day king narkasura was killed, on this day people just wear their new clothes or the attires that they love and just celebrate with gifts and light diyas and lamps on this as well. 


The day when everyone is just seen in their best attires and jewellery. O this day it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi is roaming all over the earth and because of this reason the houses are kept clean and renovated and the doors are also kept open people on this day tend to decorate the floor with rangolis and diyas. Along with Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kubera are also worshipped as these gods are the ones who govern the wealth and financial prosperity of a person. People also indulge in burning crackers but one should always remember that Diwali can always be celebrated with diyas and candles and by spreading joy everywhere so the use of crackers should not be there as it impacts the environment as well. 


This is the day which marks the victory of Lord Krishna over Lord Indra. this day is also celebrated by making a pile of grains which symbolizes the Govardhan mountain and it is then worshipped, this days always comes a day after the of Diwali and to celebrate this many people also make hillocks of cow dung and then worship it as well after decorating it with flowers and garlands as Lord Krishna taught us to worship the nature and he is also worshipped on that day. 

The morning of the day begins with the bath of the cattle and then the Govardhan puja is done. 


This day is again in the celebration of the bond between brother and sister. This is similar to Raksha Bandhan and on this day both the brother and sister get ready and then worship for the wellbeing of the brother. Sister also gives some sweets, gifts and food platter to the brother and in return the brother also brings some gifts for her.

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