Quench your Thirst with these Delicious Summer Cakes

On these summer days, you have an amazing chance to delight your taste buds with some of the most delicious cakes. We all love cakes but who would have ever thought that the cake experts would be working so hard for all of us. With their excellent skills and expertise, these bakers have compiled so many fresh fruit cakes for helping us beat the summer heats. Almost every bakery is providing cakes these days irrespective of where they are located. They have  made it a point that they should have at least one fruit cake on their menu list.

But, however, there are sometimes when you do not find cakes and in such cases it is better you place an online cake delivery in Gurgaon for yourself and get it delivered to your doorstep. These yummy and delectable fruit cakes will quench your summer thirst and are going to be your favorites. So, let us begin with the list.

Juicy Mango Cakes

Mango has been claimed as the king of fruits and is loved by every person especially during the summers. You will find that many people are providing yummy and delicious mango cakes at their shops. They have made it very much sure to feed their customers with yummy and juicy mango cakes which will help you realize that these fruits become more enjoyable when had with a player of bread added to it.

Spooky Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cakes are one of the most delicious cakes for you if you are someone who has been in love with the pineapples but find it boring to peel and eat it. These cakes are loaded with chunks of pineapples in it and will surely be loved by all the pineapple lovers. It is very important that you get the pineapple cake with pineapple chunks in your nearby shop for your birthday, anniversary and more. If not then, order birthday cake online and you are good to go for a perfect treat.

Pulpy Strawberry Cake

Strawberries have always been a dream for the people who live in hot places as these are mostly grown in cold places. But the baking industry has made it possible for the people in the hot places to have these delicious fruits even when they are in a dessert. Yes, these strawberry cakes are one of the best treats anyone can have. 

Blueberry Cakes

Lately, it has been seen that many people have started adding loads of berries into cakes. Likely blueberries have also become an integral part of the cakes and have been added to the cakes. These are also used to make ganache which is later on used to do the decoration of the cakes. There is a very famous blueberry and yoghurt cake which has been loved by the millennials a lot. 

Rum soaked Fruit cake

Are you a fan of no-cream cake? If yes, then you need to make sure that you soak some dry fruits in the rum overnight for making dry fruit cakes. Jazz up the Christmas feels and you will see how delightful you and your cake eaters will be after seeing this delicious cake. They are going to give you loads of hugs and kisses on seeing this delicious and no-cream fruit cake.

Rhubarb Pound Cake

All of you must be aware of the rhubarb which is a red colored stalk that is a part of the dock family. They taste heaven when added to a pound cake. The bakers these days are making the upside down rhubarb cake by adding some white chocolate into it. 

Orange Slump Cake

Slump is somewhere between the cake and a pudding which looks dense and creamy. Top the slump cake with a juicy orange paste which will taste the most delicious when had with a glass of wine. You can add a layer of whipped cream on it and then serve it to your guests.

These were some of the most delicious and juicy fruit cakes which you can delight your loved ones with. You can order cake online and serve these cakes at your parties and dinners. Fruit cakes are the best for you in these summers and you are surely going to love them.

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