How To Give A Sensual Foot Massage

Hello, everyone. Today here I am discussing how to give a sensual foot massage. We’ve prepared a small guide for those interested in mobile massages to make a massage easy for everyone! Trust us; you’ll be thanked for your other half later.

Massage worldwide importance

We know that Massage on-demand nowadays and gives a beautiful gift to those you love, which has long in many cultures. Families also want Massage at the house. In sum addition, worldwide used mobile massage therapists to help find the best therapists with dullness and pain develop and treat older people or to look after and rehabilitate post-sports people.

What kind of foot massage is needed

Not a lot of it! All you need is a towel and an oil choice: deep tissue oil is available online at great prices, or most supermarkets or grapes or almond oil are available.

Incredible abilities with a foot massage

The only other thing you need is a few relaxation massage techniques and insights into a foot massage, so you don’t just know what you’re feeling good and what you’re doing! Then, at the right time, you will show your incredible abilities, and wow your couples Massage loved one.

Press softly

But it shows that not only your moves are confident, but also your sensitive legs are less likely to be smeared.

Don’t be scared!

Any part of your legs can stimulate a relaxing reaction because every skin is nervous and soft to the touch. Fear is due to the hard push of the bones, which might be painful, so you can not go wrong and go quiet.

Be careful

See how a person in certain areas reacts to your movements, try various pressures, and say what they’re best about it. Massage is a very personal act, and each body is diverse, so all treatments should be tailored to each other.

Let’s go to massages and movements

 That can give an incredible foot massage right away.

Oil your toes

First of all, oil your hands and warm the oil a little, because it may be cold to rub your hands a little first, straight out of the bottle.

Heat your legs up

Rub the top and bottom of your legs begin by gently rubbing one hand over the top of your legs, and the other up the bottom of your legs, and around the back of your knees; that movement is called a that helps spread oil and warm your legs.

High foot massage

The first film of the above video (see best at 3:10 p.m.) is the alternative thumb, the moving of the thumb known as petrissage.

The base of your foot Massage

Light Palm To Begin  Run your hand down your foot and around the back of your heel, swinging under your foot.

Circular sweeps

 Imagine five points along your foot and press firmly around the five points in a sweeping circle.


I hope you get complete information about how to give a sensual foot massage and its foot massage tips and tricks with step by step process!

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