Ways to solve HP Printer Error Code 30040079

HP printer error 30040079 is one of the common errors faced by many HP users. While printing, your printing suddenly shows this error and the printing process gets interrupted. You can get the HP 30040079 error due to various reasons. Sometimes this error slows down your printing speed or sometimes you get the faded printouts. You can get this HP printer error due to failed printer installation, corrupted device drivers, paper jams, and cartridge issues. You can easily manually troubleshoot this error. But if you are unable to fix the HP Printer error code 30040079 then you should ask a technical team for help.

Fix the paper jam

If you are using an old HP printer model then you may get the paper jam error daily. When you get this error code on your screen then you should immediately check for the paper jam. Open the back flap of your printer and take out your ink cartridge carefully. Now clean your printer from inside with a dry and clean cloth. If you see any paper chunk then remove it and then install the cartridge again on your printer. Now give the print command and check whether your HP error gets fixed or not.

Check WPS Pin HP Printer

If you are getting this error while network printing then you should check the WPS pin. If the pin is off then you can’t take the print. Check the print and restart the printer. Now try to take printouts from your HP printer.

Check the cartridge

You can also get this error when your ink cartridge is not installed properly. Sometimes while installing a new ink cartridge; people forget to peel off all plastic protection tape from the cartridge. This tape prevents the installation of cartridges on your printer. If you are getting this error after installing a new cartridge then you should check for the protection tapes. Sometimes the ink of cartridges gets dried up when you haven’t used the printer for a long time. If the ink gets dried up then you can mix some solvent in it. Take out the ink cartridge and open the ink jar. Add a few drops of solvent and then mix it carefully. Now reinsert the ink cartridge in your printer and give the print command. If your printer is still showing the HP Printer Offline Windows 10 then you should seek other solutions.

Install new cartridge 

If the error 30040079 is appearing due to the faulty cartridge then installing a new cartridge will troubleshoot your error. Sometimes this error also appears when the ink cartridge is running out of ink. Whenever you get any printer related error then you should immediately check the level of the ink. If the cartridge is empty then you should purchase a new cartridge on your printer. Make sure to install an original cartridge because third-party cartridges ruin the quality and can also damage your PC. If you use your printer for taking lots of printing daily then purchasing a new cartridge can be costly. You can also refill the ink in your cartridges. But you must refill the ink carefully as the ink has the carbon content which can be harmful if it enters the body. After refilling the ink, make sure the lid is tightly closed otherwise the ink may spill inside the printer. After reinstalling the cartridge; give the print command. Now check whether your HP error 30040079 gets resolved or not. 

Error 30040079 can also appear due to corrupted or outdated printer drivers. Reinstall the printer driver on your device and then check for the error. If you are unable to troubleshoot error 30040079 manually then ask HP printer technical team for help.

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